Silverstone's First Grand Prix

Silverstone's First Grand Prix

Honda CB750 Four

Honda CB750 Four

You Can't Wear Out an Indian Scout

Indians and the Wall of Death

Publication Date15th October 2009

Book FormatPaperback





The fascinating history of the Indian Scout motorcycle and the Wall of Death.
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Following on from their best-selling Riding the Wall of Death (reprinted five times), Wall of Death rider and owner Alan Ford and author Nick Corble tell the story in words and pictures of the Wall of Death and the famous Indian motorcycles used almost exclusively for the popular, but now rare, fairground attraction. Indians were used because of their left-handed throttle control and low centre of gravity, making them ideal for this risky form of entertainment. From the early days with the Tom Davis Trio to the current day, the Wall of Death has always been an attraction and the bike of choice for the riders has always been the Indian Scout - a 1920s bike which was especially suited to the Wall of Death. To quote Sammy Pierce, the world's largest Indian motorcycle dealer: You can't wear out an Indian Scout, or its brother the Indian Chief. They're built like rocks to stand hard knocks, it's the Harleys that cause the grief. The Indian Scout was never the best motorbike in the world, but it was the bike to use for the trick riding on the Wall of Death.

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