Wilton Through Time

Series: Through Time

Publication Date15th March 2010

Book FormatPaperback





This fascinating selection of more than 180 photographs traces some of the many ways in which Wilton has changed and developed over the last century.
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The ancient town of Wilton traces its origins to early Saxon times and was, possibly as early as the seventh century, the royal capital of Wessex. There are records of charters signed by King Ethelwulf from his palace at Wilton in the ninth century, and King Alfred was said to have founded an abbey in Wilton following his defeat of the Danes there in 871. Today the town is a peaceful place more famous for its carpet factory than for abbeys and kings. This new history of the town provides today's visitors and residents with a photographic account of Wilton's long and fascinating story, highlighting those events that have contributed to shape the town we see today.

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