England in the Age of Dickens

England in the Age of Dickens

A World History of Rail

A World History of Rail

Why the Industrial Revolution Happened in Britain

Publication Date15th August 2023

Book FormatHardback





Esteemed historian Jeremy Black examines the technological, social, political and economic reasons for the industrial revolution taking place in Britain.
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Britain’s key importance in world history was a product of its constitution and its empire, but both, in turn, were sustained and supported by Britain’s role in achieving the first Industrial Revolution. In part this was a matter of coal and steam but far more was involved. Alongside the ‘push’ factors of entrepreneurs and resources came the ‘pull’ factors of consumerism, fashion and an ability to purchase goods. There was also the context of parliamentary government, the rule of law, a society open to talent, and no internal tariff boundaries.

The combination of these factors produced vital synergies. They also ensure that the history of the Industrial Revolution is the history of a country, a people, and of the factors that made them exceptional.

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