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Warriors and Kings

The 1500-Year Battle for Celtic Britain

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Author: Martin Wall

For centuries, the Celtic peoples of Britain stood fast against invasion and oppression. Theirs is a fascinating and exciting story that includes the deeds of some of the most tenacious and heroic leaders in history – from Caratacus and Boudicca to William Wallace, Owain Glyndwr and the legendary King Arthur. What was it that gave first the Britons, and then the Welsh, this fanatical will to hold out against overwhelming odds through so many centuries?

Martin Wall explores the mythology and psychology of this unyielding and insular people; their devotion to charismatic leaders they believed to be sent from God, and their stubborn determination ‘ne’er to yield’ to oppression and injustice, whether Roman, Saxon, Norman, Viking, or later, the ravages of industrialisation. This fascinating book explores Celtic Britain from before the onslaught of the Roman Empire, through rebellion and open war, to the Act of Union passed under the Tudors and on to the Victorian era.

Book ISBN 9781445658438

Book Format Hardback

pages 304 pages

Publication Date 15 Feb 2017

Height 234

Width 156

Illustrations 40

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Forward to AvalonReview by stephen
Great - thoroughly enjoyed the read. Got it accidentally, intending to read up on British Kings & Queens, but couldn’t put it down.

Although it did cover my intended topic as wallpaper, it was more a fascinating exploration of the “Matter of Britain” (not quite sure what that actually means) centred around the journey of our ‘original’ Celtish civilisation, through the ages.

Apart from the historical travelogue, it even came bang up to date, attempting to explain through the backdrop of our various historical cultural strands (Romans, Anglo Saxons, et al.) how we have inherited certain contemporary issues (e.g. divergence of Anglican & Roman Church, and the driving forces behind devolution).
(Posted on 03/08/2017)

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