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USAFE in the 1980s

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Author: Adrian Symonds

On the front line of the Cold War, during a decade that saw East–West tensions – and budgets – rise considerably, the United States Air Forces in Europe reached the peak of their power during the 1980s. Not only did USAFE expand, but it introduced a generation of advanced new types, developed to counter perceived Soviet advances and often in light of America’s still recent, and often bitter, experiences in Vietnam.

Eagles, Fighting Falcons and Warthogs joined the ranks in increasing numbers, supplementing still considerable numbers of older stalwarts like the mighty F-111 interdictors and the iconic Phantom, which lingered on in specialised reconnaissance and defence suppression roles. But it wasn’t all fast jets; Ground Launched Cruise Missiles were introduced, plus a range of support types including tankers, transports and spy planes deployed from the Stateside Commands to support USAFE.

Take a step inside the day-to-day operations of the USAFE in the 1980s.

Book ISBN 9781445698540

Book Format Paperback

pages 96 pages

Publication Date 15 Oct 2020

Height 234

Width 165

Illustrations 140


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