True to Their Salt

Indian Soldiers and the British Empire

Publication Date15th August 2022

Book FormatHardback





This important new book looks at the crucial role played by Indian soldiers in the control, and expansion, of the British Empire. Marking the 75th anniversary of Indian independence, it also argues that this group played a crucial role in securing Indian independence from the British.
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Indian soldiers made a pivotal contribution to the British Empire and Great Britain’s development from a small, relatively poor island to a dominant military and industrial power. Under the British Crown, following the Mutiny of 1857, India’s military became a vital link to holding the Empire together. From the jungles of south-east Asia to the deserts of Africa, and the hills of northeast India to the forests of Burma, the Indian army would become the pride of the Raj. Upon India’s independence, the army continued to be one of the finest inheritances of Empire.

This book looks at the world of the Indian soldiers who enlisted in the armies of India under British rule, and how they served with such dedication and loyalty. The extent to which the soldiers acted as an effective control over the coercive power of British rule in India is also examined, as well as the implications and logistics involved in running such a complex military machine.

The first comprehensive single-volume history of India’s soldier’s in the British Empire written with flair and rich in detail, True to Their Salt offers a vital new perspective to mark the 75th anniversary of Indian independence.

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