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Travelling on the Victorian Railway

Travel in the Early Days of Steam

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Author: Anthony Dawson

‘The most striking result produced by the completion of this Railway, is the sudden and marvellous change which has been effected in our ideas of time and space. What was quick is now slow; what was distant is now near.’

So wrote Henry Booth of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway. The early railways changed all aspects of life: what people ate (and how they cooked), what they wore and how they communicated. But what was it like to travel on the railways in the 1830s and 1840s? This book hopes to explore the experiences of these pioneer railway travellers, from the first railway stations and railway carriages to the hazards of the journey itself.

Book ISBN 9781445667744

Book Format Paperback

pages 96 pages

Publication Date 15 Nov 2017

Height 234

Width 165

Illustrations 100

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