Taunton: A Potted History

Taunton: A Potted History

Wallington: History of a Hampshire Village

Wallington: History of a Hampshire Village

Thunderbolt of the North

Harald Hardrada, Viking King

Publication Date15th May 2025

Book FormatHardback





W. B. Bartlett, author of Vikings and King Cnut, turns his eye to the legendary Harold Hardrada in this revealing and entertaining new biography of the most famous Viking of them all.
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Harald Hardrada had a career that spanned much of the known world of the eleventh century. Here was a man who was born in Norway, was exiled to Russia, spent time as a mercenary leader in Constantinople, journeyed to Jerusalem and won military campaigns in Sicily. In later life he became king of Norway, but this was not enough for him. For years he fought a series of campaigns to try and add Denmark to his dominions before launching an attempt to conquer England. He ultimately died a Viking death at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066 though in the process he might have sealed the fate of his opponent, King Harold Godwinson of England, just a few weeks later at Hastings.

This is a remarkable story, told in part through archaeology and in part through chronicles and Viking sagas. Harald might claim to be the last Viking, but whether or not this is the case what cannot be denied is that this is the story of a unique life that opens a window into a world that is now long past, one that is characterised by epic deeds, deviousness and chicanery and incredible adventurism.

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