The Victorian Traveller's Guide to Cambridge

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Publication Date15th August 2014

Book FormatPaperback





This is an intriguing look at Cambridge and its people at the turn of the twentieth century, with a special focus on the industries the city was, and still is, famous for.
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Before Lonely Planet, this book was the essential accompaniment to any Victorian gentleman or lady’s trip to one of the foremost cities of the United Kingdom. The city of Cambridge has a long and prosperous history, and is renowned the world over as a centre of academic learning. At the end of the nineteenth century, the city, caught up in the Industrial Revolution, experienced rapid growth that transformed it into the Cambridge we know today. Many deserted the countryside for the city life, and the population expanded with a new generation. Reprinted from original nineteenth-century texts, this is the original ‘traveller’s guide’ to Cambridge.

Including many contemporary illustrations for the modern-day traveller’s reference, The Victorian Traveller’s Guide to Cambridge will take readers on a guided tour of the city’s fascinating past, highlighting its many points of interest.

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