The Tudor Socialite

A Social Calendar of Tudor Life

Publication Date15th November 2021

Book FormatHardback





Jan-Marie Knights documents the social calendar of Tudor high society in a series of bite-sized chunks. The book covers weddings, feasts, funerals and more - allowing the reader to immerse themselves in the glamour, affluence and human drama of a gilded world.
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Delivered in bite-sized diary chunks, Jan-Marie Knights takes the reader on a journey into the world of Tudor high society. This is a world of love affairs, tragedy, marriage and death; the realm of flamboyant dress, opulent jewellery and burning passions.

The Tudor period continues to enchant and mesmerise the world, and here the reader can delve into the social calendar of the era. Running the gamut of society occasions – from solemn marriages to sombre funerals, and decadent feasts to lavish large-scale gatherings – The Tudor Socialite is an essential book for any Tudor fan who wants to experience life as a wallflower in the Tudor court.

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