Line to the Stars

Line to the Stars

The Trojan Kings of Britain

Myth or History?

Publication Date15th April 2024

Book FormatHardback





Caleb Howells, author King Arthur: The Man Who Conquered Europe, argues that the legend of Brutus is based on real historical events. Constructing a compelling argument based on a re-examination of original sources, the book offers a fresh perspective on the history of Britain.
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The Trojan Kings of Britain presents a theory that the legend of Brutus, descendant of Aeneas of Troy, migrating to Britain with many other Trojan descendants is actually based on real events.

Examining original sources with a fresh eye, Caleb Howells constructs a compelling argument based on the chronology of events, archaeological findings, and linguistic, cultural, genetic and ancient literary evidence. He also draws parallels between historical individuals and legendary characters such as Agamemnon and Midas.

Offering a fresh perspective on the history of rule in Britain, this well-researched book is a must-read for anybody with an interest in how history and legend often intersect.

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