An Illustrated Introduction to Ancient Rome

An Illustrated Introduction to Ancient Rome

An Illustrated Introduction to the Regency

An Illustrated Introduction to the Regency

The Story of London

From its Earliest Origins to the Present Day

Publication Date15th January 2016

Book FormatPaperback





A short illustrated history of London from its earliest origins to the present day.
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From its foundation by the Romans in the middle of the first century and its revival under Alfred the Great in the late ninth century, London grew and flourished. It prospered as a trading city, as well as the centre of government and the foremost economic and cultural force within Britain, and developed a global influence as the capital of a worldwide empire and one of the world’s leading cities. Yet its history was punctuated by devastating epidemics and fires, periods of depression as well as prosperity, and dramatic political events. This concise history, illustrated with over sixty colour pictures, traces the fascinating and sometimes turbulent history of Britain's greatest city.

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