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The Sixties Railway

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The 1960s saw great change in British society, which was moving ever further from the deference that had been ebbing since the Great War and ever faster towards the ‘white heat’ of new technology. For British Railways, the move to modernise had begun the previous decade, though it soon became clear that it would have to rationalise its network if it was to hold its own in the face of growing competition from road and air transport. With the line closures, came new uniforms, new liveries and a last breath of steam, as Doctor Beeching and his successors strove to break even and build a new business from the old. Greg Morse takes us through this turbulent ten-year period, which started with financial uncertainty and ended with BR poised to launch the fastest diesel-powered train in the world.

A portrait of a railway network that became beloved of the last generations lucky enough to experience mainline steam, this book is both fascinating history, and nostalgic journey.

Book ISBN 9781445665764

Book Format Paperback

pages 64 pages

Publication Date 15 Apr 2017

Height 234

Width 165

Illustrations 80

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