EMUs A History

EMUs A History

The Reluctant Ambassador

The Reluctant Ambassador

The Reformation in 100 Facts

Series: In 100 Facts

Publication Date15th May 2016

Book FormatPaperback





An enjoyable introduction to the Reformation: discover the history behind the facts
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The Reformation is one of the most important events in world history. It sparked changes in beliefs that set off a chain of devastating wars in Europe, created the United States and still shapes the modern world, even in secular countries where Christians are in the minority. Yet it had relatively low-key beginnings: in 1517 a German monk, Martin Luther, thought there was room for improvement in the Roman Catholic Church to which he belonged. Instead, he discovered he had founded a new religion, which became known as Protestantism.

Dr Kathleen Chater leads us through the Reformation, condensing one of the great upheavals of the modern world into 100 easy-to-read, bitesize facts and skilfully guiding us through its turbulent history. This book gives a useful introduction to the major events of the Reformation itself and the consequences that have flowed from the new ways of thinking it created.

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