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The Murder of the Romanovs

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Author: Andrew Cook

The overthrow and execution of Tsar Nicolas II and the Russian Imperial family is a grim watershed in twentieth-century history. Andrew Cook’s fresh investigation of the story solves one of the great modern-day mysteries.

The author draws on forensic evidence and newly discovered British and Russian Secret service records to reveal the truth about the family’s murder, the proposed British rescue attempt (led by Major Stephen Alley) and the Secret Service mission inside Russia, after the Romanovs’ murder was reported, to discover the awful truth about their fate.

Book ISBN 9781445666273

Book Format Paperback

pages 256 pages

Publication Date 15 Mar 2017

Height 198

Width 124

Illustrations 55

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Interesting readReview by Rachael Hall
The book is very well done. However as the Great grand daughter of Major Stephen Alley (via his wife's previous marriage) it would have been nice to know the book was in production and share some of the items we have for his and his thoughts on the whole thing. (Posted on 01/03/2017)

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