Life in Victorian Preston

Life in Victorian Preston

The Life of Charlotte Bronte

The Life of Charlotte Bronte

The Life of a Steam Railway Photographer

The Reverend Alan Newman

Publication Date15th February 2010

Book FormatPaperback





The Reverend Alan Newman is a unique railway enthusiast. Starting with a love for the GWR, as a young lad he moved to a house with an ex-MR line at the bottom of his garden, so changed his allegiance. Unlike most lads, he delighted in aged locomotives with character, rather than the latest express engines.
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On one of his extensive trips in England, he saw no less than 2218 locomotives in three days - a feat present day enthusiasts are unable to perform. As Alan developed, so did the scope of his railway interest and he was broad minded enough to seek venerable locomotives on the SR and LNER. Finally, and almost at the eleventh hour, he discovered the world of industrial locomotives. Alan had the good sense to record what he saw - first as written notes and then supplemented with photographs. Alan aimed to see a locomotive of every class in the United Kingdom. This entailed making long day trips such as Bath to Blackpool and return, a round trip of 412 miles. Alan became part of the photographic triumvirate of himself, Ivo Peters and Norman Lockett, and he was friendly with two other notable railway clerics: the Rev. W Awdrey and the Rev Teddy Boston.

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