Kings Cross Station Through Time

Kings Cross Station Through Time

The King's England: Norfolk

The King's England: Norfolk

The King's England: London

The Classic Guide

Series: The King's England

Publication Date15th July 2014

Book FormatPaperback





The classic guide to England, in a beautiful retro reissue
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This classic guide examines in detail the urban landscape and the rich history of London, from Bethnal Green to the contents of the Natural History Museum. Also included are the original photographs, highlighting the timeless yet changeable nature of this great city.

The King’s England series is Arthur Mee’s richly informative and amazingly comprehensive survey of England; the books set the standard for guides to British heritage. He describes the most interesting houses, churches, views and towns in the country, together with the folklore and history behind them.

From the original edition:

‘Nothing like these books has ever been presented to the English people. Every place has been visited. The Compilers have travelled half-a-million miles and have prepared a unique picture of our countryside as it has come down through the ages, a census of all that is enduring and worthy of record.’

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