A Short Guide to Hadrian's Wall

A Short Guide to Hadrian's Wall

A Short Guide to Roman London

A Short Guide to Roman London

The Final Frontier

Scotland's Early Roman Landscape

Publication Date15th February 2024

Book FormatPaperback





A revealing guide to the early Roman fortifications in Scotland. From an acknowledged expert on the Roman military in Scotland.
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In this revealing book, Roman historian and archaeologist Andrew Tibbs uncovers the earliest Roman fortifications in Scotland and examines the landscape and context in which they were built. Although the most visible high-water marks of the Roman Empire in Britain are Hadrian’s Wall and the Antonine Wall, less is known about the fortifications which marked the early Roman forays into Scotland before the Romans decided that the land was ungovernable. Using maps, diagrams, reconstructions and archaeological evidence, Andrew Tibbs unveils these important military bastions and explores the strategic and tactical context in which they were built. The book reveals fascinating information about how Roman commanders and their engineers used the landscape to best effect to locate the forts in the prime defensive positions, using not only the rugged contours of the land but also making optimum use of roads and rivers. The author argues convincingly that the location of Roman fortifications in the Scottish landscape was an essential tool used by the Roman military to secure and control the local population during the first Roman invasion of Scotland.

Illustrated with maps and diagrams as well as photographs of surviving archaeological sites, this book is an essential companion for amateur archaeologists, historians and walkers who want to discover more about the Roman military landscape of Scotland.

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