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The English Civil War in 100 Facts

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Author: Dr Andrew Lacey

The English Civil War pitted Parliament against the Crown following a breakdown in their relationship, ultimately caused by a struggle over power, religion and control. The Civil War split the country and resulted in the execution of Charles I and the exile of his son, and the English monarchy was replaced first by the Commonwealth of England and then the Protectorate. Oliver Cromwell dominated the politics of the new rule and still divides opinion today, with some seeing him as a brutal dictator and others seeing him as a hero of liberty.

The English Civil War in 100 Facts examines the twenty years of intermittent warfare, covering the first, second and third wars, from the initial conflict with Charles I to the fight of Charles II’s supporters with the Rump Parliament. Dr Andrew Lacey guides us through some of the key figures and their stories as well as some of the key battles and politics in this period that drastically altered the structure of English rule.

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Civil war fun factsReview by Clare
The English civil war raged for 20 years through Great Britain and Ireland and there are thousands of books on the subject. If you don't know where to start, or don't want to plough through a solid history textbook, this book provides an entertaining introduction to the people and events of the civil war. Each fact fills only a couple of pages but the personalities shine out in quotes from contemporary writing - glamorous Prince Rupert, the Duke of Buckingham 'favourite to two kings' as well as Cromwell & Charles I.

If you are familiar with the historical facts and would like to know more about the social background and political outlook, this is a great starting point. I had no idea that Leveller women demanded the vote and a group called the Diggers campaigned for an end to private property. It would be an excellent book to read before visiting the Commandery at Worcester, the National Civil War Centre at Newark, or any of the Civil War battlefields. (Posted on 03/09/2017)

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