The Son of Prophecy

The Son of Prophecy

What is Better than a Good Woman?

What is Better than a Good Woman?

Southdown Buses in Preservation

Publication Date15th July 2024

Book FormatPaperback





Rare and previously unpublished photographs celebrating the preserved buses of this iconic operator.
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Southdown Motor Services formed in 1915 was the well-known and highly respected operator of green and cream buses and coaches seen along the south coast of Sussex and Hampshire. Fast forward to today and there are over a hundred former Southdown buses and coaches surviving in preservation – quite remarkable, and possibly the highest amount of preserved single operator vehicles outside of London.

Most of these examples preserved are restored to a very high standard, with some licensed to carry passengers for hire and see service on a regular basis. Others attend rallies and shows for us all to enjoy and rekindle those memories from the past. Some not so fortunate languish in storage waiting for restoration, or have been dismantled to provide parts allowing sister vehicles to survive.

This book contains a varied selection of Southdown buses and coaches lovingly restored and preserved, including a small number from other operators such as Brighton Hove & District – some of their fleet passing to Southdown in 1969.

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