Silverstone Circuit Through Time

Silverstone Circuit Through Time

Silverstone's First Grand Prix

Silverstone's First Grand Prix

Silverstone and Formula 1

Publication Date15th June 2022

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The story of Formula 1 at Silverstone from the first grand prix to the present day told through historical photographs.
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For fans all over the world the thrilling partnership of Silverstone and Formula 1 has long represented one of the pinnacles of motor sport. Here the broad sweep of Silverstone’s Formula 1 history, a kaleidoscopic pageant of great cars and drivers, is explored in a new and highly accessible way through nine specific eras, each one delightfully and freshly illustrated:

• The First Grand Prix and International Trophy (1948–49)

• Forza, Alfa! Forza, Ferrari! (1950–51)

• The Front-Engined Finale (1952–59)

• Clark’s Dark Golden Age (1960–68)

• The Stewart Dominance (1969–73)

• The Hunt-Lauda Epoch (1973–79)

• Three Titans: Prost, Mansell and Senna (1981–93)

• The Schumacher Era (1994–2006)

• New Heights: Hamilton and The Wing (2007 onwards)

This photographic history of Silverstone and Formula 1 should appeal to motor racing fans everywhere, as it neatly captures the essence of what the highest level of a most demanding sport has meant to this very special venue.

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