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Signalling and Signal Boxes along the NER Routes Vol. 1


Series: Signalling and Signal Boxes

Publication Date15th September 2017

Book FormatPaperback





Allen Jackson explores signalling along the NER, formerly part of the LNER.
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Over the course of several volumes, Allen Jackson uses an array of photographs to lavishly illustrate the story of signalling in the principal constituents of the LNER – continuing here with the first volume of the story of the North Eastern Railway in Yorkshire.

Although the NER could be likened to the Midland Railway, it was unlike the MR in one respect – it kept to a fairly tight geographic area. This was Yorkshire, Durham, and Northumberland, and in those areas it had a virtual monopoly. The almost only intruder into its territory was the Hull & Barnsley Railway, which the NER absorbed before the grouping.

This first volume provides a comprehensive cross-section of the remaining signal boxes on the NER in Yorkshire, although inevitably some have closed and been demolished, whilst others have been preserved and moved away since the start of the survey.
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