Brentwood and Around Through Time

Brentwood and Around Through Time

The Private Life of Edward IV

The Private Life of Edward IV

Secret Worthing

Series: Secret

Publication Date15th July 2016

Book FormatPaperback





A look around a typical seaside resort revealing its quirky history and roots. Written to inform, educate and amuse, Secret Worthing reveals the town's lesser-known anecdotes and buildings.
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Every town and village has a secret or two tucked away; Worthing is no exception. This popular Sussex seaside resort on the south coast is an eclectic mix of Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian architecture, with a splash of art deco and a smattering of medieval if you know where to look. Local history books are an invaluable source of information, charting the development of a town, but there are some oddities and curiosities that lack explanation or merit few words. It is these that James and Colin have set themselves the task of investigating. Few will realise that they are walking in the footsteps of Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen, both of whom were short-term residents of Worthing. Within these pages you’ll discover stories of places, people and objects. Join us as we discover those secrets often hidden in plain view.
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