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Secret Cirencester

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Secret Lincoln

Secret Windsor & Eton

Series: Secret

Publication Date15th October 2022

Book FormatPaperback





Discover the lesser-known and hidden heritage of the towns of Windsor and Eton in Berkshire, through a fascinating selection of stories, facts and photographs.
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On the picturesque banks of the River Thames in Berkshire lies Windsor, over owing with rich royal history and dominated by its castle. Across the iron bridge on the opposite bank is Eton, often named as the prettiest town in England, where the majestic spires of Eton College act as a magnet for tourists as they make their way along the mile-long High Street. Both towns rely on tourism for their economy, therefore you would think that, with so many people making this one of the most famous destinations in the country, everything in the area would have been discovered and signposted. However, there is much heritage here of which the residents and regular visitors are unaware.

In this book, author Yvonne Moxley delves deep into the history of both towns to uncover some lesser-known stories and exciting finds that are hidden from view. Discover the stories behind the bridges that span the River Thames here, the history and traditions at Eton College, and the royal ceremonies and customs. From churches and chapels to inns and taverns, readers will gain a fascinating insight into the secret, and often surprising, heritage of both towns. Illustrated throughout, Secret Windsor & Eton will be of interest to residents and visitors alike.

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