Secret Manchester

Secret Manchester

Selby & Goole Through Time

Selby & Goole Through Time

Secret Northamptonshire

Series: Secret

Publication Date15th August 2009

Book FormatPaperback





Secret Northamptonshire provides a detailed look into Northamptonshire's hidden history.
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Northamptonshire has witnessed a great many events and incidents, some of national importance, others of purely local significance. What is common to practically all of them, however, is that they have either been forgotten, discarded, or hidden away - sometimes deliberately - victims of time and progress, as lifestyles and customs have changed. Similarly, many features of the countryside and village streets have been left to erode, rust or become enveloped in foliage, yet they are still there tucked away out of view, rare relics of a bygone age. This book aims to raise awareness of their existence and bring them to life once again - a diverse, colourful range of features from the past that make up Secret Northamptonshire.

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