Secret Crawley and Gatwick

Series: Secret

Publication Date15th September 2019

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Secret Crawley and Gatwick explores the lesser-known history of the Sussex town of Crawley and the adjoining airport of Gatwick through a fascinating selection of stories, unusual facts and attractive photographs.
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The Crawley and Gatwick area is fascinating and both have seen a great many changes. Gatwick Airport is central to this area, but has anyone stopped to think about its ancient Roman ironworks and how Crawley developed as a market town from the thirteenth century onwards? Crawley has always been known as a trade route with good connections both to the city of London and the coast at Brighton, so its location has always been important. The coming of the railways brought prosperity to Crawley and saw its first major expansion, as well as the development of Gatwick Racecourse and the original Gatwick airfield, which has now been swallowed by today’s airport. After the Second World War, the town was designated a ‘new town’ and saw a vast increase in population and building, becoming one of the most important business and employment centres in south-east England. Crawley also has many buildings of historical importance dating back to the fifteenth century, and many Grade I and II listed buildings. Settlements close by on the Weald that are served by Crawley also have many secrets and stories connected to them, including numerous historical churches and manor houses.

Secret Crawley & Gatwick brings the history of this area to life, highlighting that there is a whole lot more to it than just the airport.

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