Prehistoric Wiltshire

Prehistoric Wiltshire

Warfare in Prehistoric Britain

Warfare in Prehistoric Britain

Roman Building Techniques

Publication Date15th January 2013

Book FormatPaperback





Writing from the view of a building technologist as well as and archaeologist, Tony Rook takes a practical approach in this introductory guide to the building types, techniques and methodology of the Romans.
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Building and architecture flourished throughout the Roman Empire. The Romans discovered new techniques to solve problems but also to impress the world. They built aqueducts to bring water into their cities and towns, grand baths for cleansing and socialising, and elaborate villas for the cream of their society.

In this book, scientist and archaeologist Tony Rook takes the reader through Roman building techniques. He explores the structures that were found throughout the Roman Empire, including roads, bridges and aqueducts, as well as the Romans’ answer to under-floor heating – the hypocaust – and vaults, domes, tiles and pipes. Lavishly illustrated with stunning photographs and the author’s own detailed line drawings, Roman Building Techniques looks at Roman innovations, practices and materials in a thorough yet readable way.

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