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Richard III

Loyalty Binds Me

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Author: Matthew Lewis

King Richard III remains one of the most controversial figures in British history. Matthew Lewis's new biography aims to become the definitive account of his life. Arranged in three parts, the book deals firstly with the background to the Wars of the Roses into which Richard was born and with his childhood. Richard went from insecurity and exile to become a royal prince in the household of his guardian Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, the Kingmaker.

The book's second part describes Richard's return from exile with his brother, Edward IV. Richard develops into a crucial figure in his brother’s government, taming the unruly north, bringing it greater wealth, becoming the military arm of Edward's rule yet growing increasingly distant from London and the Court he served.

In the third part, the critical events of spring and summer 1483 are investigated to uncover the truth about the fallout from Edward IV's unexpected death. Beginning with the details of Richard's coronation, the critique of his time as king examines what he did well and what he got wrong, exploring the complex reasons that men finally deserted him on the battlefield.

Incorporating the most up to date information about the Battle of Bosworth, where Richard fell amongst his household knights (his friends), the book will close by assessing the short-term and long-term impacts of Richard’s reign and to establish why he remains so controversial; a king with his own fan club and a man who remains elusive even now his body has been rediscovered.

As his body finally lies at rest, this book will seek to bring peace to Richard III’s reputation. It will seek out the man behind the myths, not looking to create a monster or become lost in admiration. Using all of the available primary source material and adding secondary sources whilst considering their bias, this new life will present a real man living in difficult times.

Book ISBN 9781445671543

Book Format Hardback

pages 448 pages

Publication Date 15 Sep 2018

Height 234

Width 156

Illustrations 30

Available on: Saturday 15th September 2018

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