Railways of Cumbria

Railways of Cumbria

Railways of the East Midlands

Railways of the East Midlands

Railways of the British Empire: Australasia and Beyond

Publication Date15th June 2022

Book FormatPaperback





Fascinating previously unpublished images of railways built by British companies with British locomotives, rolling stock and other infrastructure. This volume focuses on the Australasia and the world beyond the Indian subcontinent and Africa.
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Long before Brexit, the Common Market and even the Commonwealth, Britannia truly did rule the waves. Perhaps more unsung is the fact that she also ruled the rails over much of the world, for Britain’s engineers effectively exported the Industrial Revolution and specifically the railway around the globe. This was especially true in that forerunner of the Commonwealth, the British Empire. In those parts of the world that were coloured pink on schoolroom maps, the rapidly expanding colonial railways were supplied by British companies like Neilson Reid, Bagnall, Kitson, Cravens and Cammell-Laird.

This book tells the story of the expansion of the railways of the British Empire in Australasia and other areas beyond the Indian subcontinent and Africa, featuring stunning photographs, contemporary maps, posters, travel brochures and extracts from other interesting documents.

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