Railways at Night: From Dusk Til Dawn

Publication Date15th October 2019

Book FormatPaperback





A stunning collection of original photography showcasing the beauty of Britain's railways after dark.
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Coal-black starless nights, comfort only from the weak glow of station lamps. The velvet silence broken by a series of shrill ringing bells in the signal box, a flurry of activity; levers are pulled, wires sing, signals drop, and silence returns. In the far distance a quiet rhythmic beat, the gloom pieced by a star of light, glinting off silver rails. A sudden rush of billowing white steam, gleaming paintwork, polished brass, and flying pistons. Passengers snug and warm in their carriages. All over in a fleeting moment. A disappearing tail lamp is the only evidence of an everlasting memory.

Robin and Taliesin have set out to capture the drama of railways between dusk and dawn. The selection illustrates behind the scenes shots of engine sheds, wayside halts and busy city stations and the people who work the night shift; all captured in a series of beautiful photographs that will be revisited again and again.
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