Preserved Steam on the West Highland Railway

Preserved Steam on the West Highland Railway

The Rise and Fall of CT Plus Yorkshire

The Rise and Fall of CT Plus Yorkshire

Railways Around the Fens

Publication Date15th November 2024

Book FormatPaperback





A pictorial guide to railways around the Fens of eastern England, covering areas of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire.
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Occupying an area of around 1,500 square miles of Eastern England, the Fens are notorious flatlands lying very close to sea level. Extending across much of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire, they offer a rare chance to see Britain’s railways in action against one of the most attractive rural backdrops England has to offer.

In this publication we take an in-depth pictorial look at what the railways of the Fens have to offer today. Various passenger train operators provide vital links serving local communities, while over longer distances ones passengers can reach London and beyond. Most UK freight operators also cross the Fens, with the major port of Felixstowe ensuring a constant procession of container trains through the area.

The Fens’ attraction is in its rural setting, where today’s modern railway sits alongside relics of a bygone age, including manually operated level crossings and semaphore signals.

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