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Secret Folkestone

Secret Folkestone

Railway Enthusiasm in Twenty-First Century Britain

Publication Date15th May 2024

Book FormatPaperback





Profusely illustrated throughout, this is a fascinating insight into rail enthusiasm in modern Britain.
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Enthusiasm for Britain’s railways has never been more popular and though it is associated by many with an older generation from the days of romantic steam, the railway hobby has a well-established fanbase among younger people.

Joseph Rogers was exposed to railways as a child in the 1990s and since the turn of the millennium has brought that enthusiasm into his career, having worked with the railway hobby for over a decade. In this title, he covers the charms and challenges that the hobby embraces and faces as well as the many different directions that railway enthusiasts take it in.

Illustrated with 140 photographs, most of which have not been seen in print before, this book sheds light on a hobby that’s seen fame, fortune and failure over the last 100 years.

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