Railroads of Colorado

Publication Date15th November 2019

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A new stunning collection of photographs documenting the railways of the picturesque state of Colorado.
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At one time, it seemed as though every canyon and pass leading into Colorado’s high country was a path laid with 3-foot gauge narrow gauge railroad. Dreams of tapping the riches of mining discoveries in mountain locations made this almost true. But mining can be a fleeting adventure, and as the state matured, so too did the railroads that crisscrossed it. Many railways succumbed to disappearing tonnage, becoming trackless trails among the mountainsides. But on many routes, the railroads of Colorado have flourished and provide necessary transportation avenues for a modern economy. In addition, tucked away in several corners of the state are remnants of Colorado’s narrow gauge past, still steam-powered and now lively to the tune of tourist dollars.

Popular state slogan ‘Colorful Colorado’ describes this incredible place well, and is assuredly most appropriate while viewing the wonders of railroading in the spectacular Rocky Mountains of the West.

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