Lost Villages of Sussex

Lost Villages of Sussex

Tide Mills of Southern England

Tide Mills of Southern England

Prehistoric Sussex

Publication Date15th October 2023

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A fascinating exploration of prehistoric Sussex from the Palaeolithic era to the Iron Age and the Roman invasion.
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Sussex is rich in remains of the prehistoric eras, from the earliest Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) era when stone tools were first developed by ancient hominids, through the other Stone Age eras (Mesolithic and Neolithic), to the Bronze and Iron Ages up to the Roman invasion of Britain. Many features can still be seen today, including barrows and other tumuli, hillforts and earthworks, flint mines, many on or just below the South Downs, tracks and ancient woodlands, and the legacy of the human inhabitants of Sussex from this time includes burials, stone tools, weapons and jewellery. In this book author Alex Vincent surveys prehistoric Sussex. Alongside well-known sites such as Cissbury and Chanctonbury Rings, the hillforts prominent on the ridge of the South Downs, and the Devil’s Jumps Bronze Age barrows, is a Bronze Age burial mound in Berwick churchyard which may have been used for plague victims in the medieval period. Fully illustrated throughout, this fascinating picture of the prehistoric era in Sussex will be of interest to all those who live in this corner of south-east England or have known it well over the years.

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