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Stockport in 50 Buildings

Poole in 50 Buildings

Series: In 50 Buildings

Publication Date15th January 2050

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Discover the history and architectural treasures of this Dorset coastal town of Poole in this fascinating exploration of 50 of its buildings and landmarks from across the centuries.
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Archaeology shows that the Dorset town of Poole can trace its origins back to prehistoric times. Roman occupation of Poole left sites of strategic roads leading to the West Country and London. The status of 1568 Royal Charter of Poole gave confidence for the establishment of public buildings, such as the Harbour Office, Custom House, Guildhall and private investment in warehouses.

In ‘Poole in 50 Buildings’, local authors Ian Andrews and Elizabeth Ballance explore the town’s wide range of architecture from throughout the centuries. Eighteenth-century Poole was a predominant British port, thriving on merchant trade between Newfoundland and Catholic countries in Europe. Some of the town’s medieval buildings were replaced with extravagant Georgian buildings, many of which can still be seen. After the Napoleonic War and American independence, most of the Poole merchants trading with Newfoundland fell upon hard times, leaving the majority of the workforce involved in coastal fishing, shipbuilding, rope-making, brewing, iron founding or house building. Growing demand for decorative tiles, brickwork and ceramics invigorated employment and architectural opportunities in the area. As the fashion for seaside holidays grew, so did investment in pavilions, yacht clubs, beach huts and hotels. Poole is now home to international banking, the RNLI, cosmetics and technology headquarters, two universities and a world-famous orchestra.

Illustrated throughout, this engaging and informative guide to Poole’s rich built heritage will appeal to residents and visitors alike.

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