LMS Steam at Euston & Camden

LMS Steam at Euston & Camden

Polar Voyages

Polar Voyages

Passing Ships

Publication Date15th March 2012

Book FormatPaperback





A fascinating and poignant account of one man’s life on the sea and the love it continues to inspire in him.
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On a blustery, West Highland summer’s day in the early 1950s, a black-hulled mail steamer ploughed its way northwards from Mallaig up through the Sound of Sleat between the mainland of Scotland and the Isle of Skye.

The spray from its bow wave flew high up her sides and dark smoke was tugged from her bright red funnel by the wind. A small boy, aged about two or three, wearing a green knitted top and blue dungarees, sat on the warm deck peering through the rails, his face smiling widely with excitement.

The gentle roll of the wooden deck, the smoke blowing from the funnel, the sea splashing past in the wake, the seagulls wheeling overhead squawking furiously and the mixture of strange smells all filled him with excitement and enthralled him. In one small boy a love of ships and the sea had been born.

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