Paranormal Oxford

Paranormal Oxford

Paranormal South Tyneside

Paranormal South Tyneside

Paranormal Somerset

Series: Paranormal

Publication Date15th December 2010

Book FormatPaperback





A fabulous collection of ghostly hauntings in Somerset.
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What really happened when a man was almost lured to his death in the quicksands of Burnham-on-Sea? What horror was encountered in the middle of the night on Glastonbury Tor? What is the nature of the wailing that so terrified a young woman and her baby daughter in a cottage in Chard? Those of a nervous disposition should think carefully before visiting the peculiar county of Somerset. Sonia Smith's spine-tingling stories are guaranteed to give you goosebumps on your goosebumps - Find out what it felt like when the hunters became the hunted at Cadbury Castle. Share the experience of a troubled soul at Chalice Well Gardens. Find out about the 'extra guest' on an old steam at Hallowe'en, the evil poltergeist that haunted an old farmhouse near Bath, and the terrifying ordeal of a young girl in Dunster beset by an evil spirit after an encounter with a Ouija board. As well as terrifying the local residents, Somerset's ghosts have a sense of humour, too - just think of the knicker-pinching phantom of Portishead and the pickpocket ghost of Wincanton racecourse. You'll hardly believe it - but, as they say, truth is so often stranger than fiction. Prepare to be scared!

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