Paranormal Forest of Dean

Paranormal Forest of Dean

Paranormal Oxford

Series: Paranormal

Publication Date15th October 2010

Book FormatPaperback





Join Ross Andrews on his journey through haunted Oxford.
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Join Ross Andrews on a paranormal journey around not only the city of Oxford, but also the towns and villages of Oxfordshire. A ghost hunter for over twenty years, he was chairman of the Parasoc society, the paranormal research society as well as running his own paranormal nights at StBriavel's castle - the Most Haunted building in the world!. So with this pedigree in the paranormal its no surprise he was drawn to investigate the historic spooks of Oxfordshire. The book has a variety of aspects to it, there are ghost walks that you can do for free around the centre of the city, as well as telling you which spooks to spot throughout the colleges and universities. There is also a large section on the surrounding areas of Oxford for you to go to, so that you can investigate for yourselves. He will offer rational explanations wherever possible, and if not then let you decide for yourself. There are also handy hints should you wish to follow in his footsteps and become a ghost hunter. Ideal for anyone curious about the unexplained, or even for the tourist who wants to see something different on his visit to Oxfordshire. Ross has tried to concentrate on stories and places that you can have access to, pubs, streets, fields, castles, museums. and many more. So join him on a journey into the unknown and explore the paranormal througout Oxford, and Oxfordshire.

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