Paranormal Newcastle

Series: Paranormal

Publication Date15th October 2021

Book FormatPaperback





Paranormal Newcastle takes the reader into the world of ghosts and spirits in the city, following their footsteps into the unknown.
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Newcastle, the largest city in the North East, has a long and proud history stretching back to Roman and Saxon times. Its position defending the mouth of the River Tyne gave it an importance in the medieval border wars with Scotland and by the sixteenth century it controlled the coal trade from Tyneside to the rest of England. The city became an industrial powerhouse in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the legacy of civic buildings, industrial heritage and housing can still be seen throughout the city. Today the city is as well known as a cultural and commercial centre as an industrial city, and its distinctive past and present-day identity is a vital part of the city’s heritage.

Newcastle is steeped in the supernatural and paranormal and many places both grand and everyday have rich and complex stories to tell. In this book author Steve Watson investigates the rich supernatural heritage of this city at places such as the castle keep, the site of infamous local gaols, and the nearby Black Gate, which has seen hundreds of years of the bloody history of Newcastle; the Literary and Philosophical Society, said to be home to sixteen ghosts ranging from a Witchfinder General to a little girl; the Tyneside Theatre and Opera House where a stagehand and a performer died tragically; the City Hall; and many more.

Paranormal Newcastle takes the reader into the world of ghosts and spirits in the city. These tales of haunted places, supernatural happenings and weird phenomena will delight the ghost hunters and fascinate and intrigue everybody who knows Newcastle.

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