Paranormal Dorset

Paranormal Dorset

Paranormal Forest of Dean

Paranormal Forest of Dean

Paranormal Eastbourne

Series: Paranormal

Publication Date15th October 2010

Book FormatPaperback





Join Janet Cameron on her journey around haunted Eastbourne.
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Eastbourne and its surrounding area, is absolutely teeming with ghostly phenomena. Not surprising, given its colourful and fascinating history. Here, in Paranormal Eastbourne, are mind-blowing tales from the pubs, theatres, burial grounds and famous local landmarks. Dip into eyewitness accounts of the sinister goings-on behind the scenes at the fabulous haunted Pier. Marvel at the strange events that have affected the lives of many Eastbourne people because of an ordinary red Capri car. An Eastbourne nurse returns from the dead; a zombie stalks a sewage plant; tragic echoes resound in medieval tunnels and spooky cellars; fierce presences manifest around a great and ancient castle. A phantom headless horse gallops around The Redoubt, while orbs and UFOs whizz across the Eastbourne skies. This is exciting, heart-stopping stuff, suggesting that there is - out there - something very strange, something that we mortals can only just begin to imagine. It's all here in Paranormal Eastbourne!

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