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Paranormal Cardiff

Series: Paranormal

Publication Date15th November 2023

Book FormatPaperback





A fabulous collection of ghostly hauntings in Cardiff. These tales of haunted places, supernatural happenings and weird phenomena will delight the ghost hunters.
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Wales is one of the most haunted countries in the world, and its capital city is no exception. Steeped in history, it has shaped and witnessed many of the country’s defining moments, from fierce clashes with invading armies to its leading role in the Industrial Revolution. The echoes of these events resonate through time, and the ghosts associated with them do not rest easy. Paranormal Cardiff takes the reader on a spine-chilling journey to dozens of supposedly haunted locations, from well-known tourist destinations to more secluded spots off the beaten track. They include a poltergeist named Pete who baffled the experts, a ‘famous’ séance that wowed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a vengeful eagle that protects a fairy-tale castle, a vampire bed that sucked the blood from those who slept in it, and the spooky streets of Llandaff, which fired the imagination of a young Roald Dahl.

Paranormal Cardiff invites the reader to take a step into the unknown and explore the haunted places, supernatural happenings and weird phenomena of the city and the surrounding area. From the dark folklore of centuries gone by to modern-day sightings, these tales will delight ghost hunters old and new and fascinate everyone who knows and loves Cardiff.

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