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Norfolk at War

Wings of Friendship

Publication Date15th October 2012

Book FormatPaperback





An affectionate account of The Americans in Norfolk during the Second World War.
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During the Second World War, Norfolk was truly on the 'front line'. Being so close to the Continent, air raids were frequent - Norwich in particular suffered badly - and invasion was a very real and persistent threat for the people of the county. The men and women of Norfolk took up positions in all branches of the forces to fight for their country. The civilians also did their bit - Norfolk's agricultural output increased dramatically during the war, in response to the urgent need for home-grown provisions. The American presence in the county was strong, and has left a rich archive of personal papers and photographs, which are now held at the Norfolk Record Office, along with many diaries and letters of Norfolk people. This book draws on this material and on the reminiscences of those in the county during the war. The book is beautifully illustrated with contemporary photographs, and these enhance the enthralling story being told of what life was like during the Second World War.

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