No Phoney War

No Phoney War

Norfolk at War

Norfolk at War

Norad and the Soviet Nuclear Threat

Canada's Secret Electronic Air War

Publication Date15th September 2011

Book FormatPaperback





A fascinating account of the Cold War as it affected the defense of North America.
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NORAD and the Soviet Nuclear Threat is the history of the air defence of Canada during the Cold War era. The reader is taken into the Top Secret world of NORAD, the joint Canadian-American North American Air Defence network. Ride along with the aircrew in their cockpit as they fight an electronic joust in the skies. Go deep underground to the Command Centre as the Air Weapons controllers plot the air war on their radar screens. Visit the radar sites deep in the Canadian bush as they struggle to provide the radar data for an electronic air battle happening overhead. An actual NORAD exercise on 10 May 1973, called Amalgam Mute, is used as an example. This exercise tested that NORAD was honouring its motto: Deter, Detect, Destroy, and was protecting North America from aerial threat. There is an extensive explanation of the aircraft, squadrons, weapons, radar and radar sites involved. Included are two exclusive personal accounts of the first interception of a Soviet 'Bear' bomber off the coast of Canada, and the first Canadian fighter interceptor pilot to win the coveted United States Air Force 'Top Gun' award.

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