Morgan Three-Wheeler

Morgan Three-Wheeler

North-West Half-cab Buses

North-West Half-cab Buses

No Stopping in the North of Britain

From Multiple Railway Stations to None

Publication Date15th October 2024

Book FormatPaperback





Lavishly illustrated throughout, this book tells the story of the North of Britain railways in locations across the north of Britain that were once served by more than one station - and then, eventually, by none.
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During the railway mania of the nineteenth century many places gained more than one station, and not just in the big cities. Many small settlements ended up with two or even three stations. This was almost always as the result of competition between the railway companies, anxious to secure more business for themselves, though there were exceptions. As the railway network continued to grow and develop, many of these locations ended up with no stations at all.

This is the lavishly illustrated story of these unfortunate places in the southern part of Britain that were once so well provided, and are now bereft.

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