Motors and Motoring 1916

Publication Date15th March 2015

Book FormatPaperback





A much-prized classic among motor books in an appealing reissue – the second in a set of collectible paperback editions
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A rare and fascinating window into the early days of motoring, first published in 1909, this early technical book of advice covers everything the motorist could possibly need to know. Types of cars, regulations, horsepower, ignition, fuel, carburation, air-locking, gear changing, lubrication, steam cars – and much more!

A must for vintage car enthusiasts, this beautifully reproduced, classic motor book is a tribute to the Age of Speed, and in many ways the cutting-edge handbook of its time. It perfectly captures the nostalgia and wonder of a long-lost era, when motorists were constantly pushing the boundaries of what was possible and mass-motoring was just beginning.

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