London's Transport in the 1980s and 1990s

London's Transport in the 1980s and 1990s

National Bus Company In Transition

National Bus Company In Transition

MGF and TF

Publication Date15th September 2024

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The last British built two-seater MG sports car. This is an essential guide to the MGF and TF sports cars.
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Launched in 1995, the MGF marked the rebirth of the classic British MG two-seater sports car. In this book, MFG expert Tim Morris tells the full inside story of the development of the MFF and TF against the background of the seismic changes that were taking place in the British car industry. After the demise of the bestselling MGB and the closure of the Abingdon factory in 1980, it seemed as if the classic MG sports car had come to an end. An upgraded version of the MGB, the RV8, was introduced in the 1990s but meanwhile designers and engineers were busy with an all-new car which was unveiled in 1995. Developed under British Aerospace and launched under BMW ownership of the Rover Group, the MGF came under MG-Rover ownership after BMW divided the company in 2000. At this time the TF was developed and produced until the company went into administration in 2005. The author describes design features such as the mid-engine format and Hydragas suspension system as well as the various model changes and re-designs and how the car fared against strong competition from cars such as the Mazda MX5.

Including information for owners and potential buyers and with a wide selection of illustrations, this is an essential guide to the MGF and TF sports cars.

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