Lost Yeovil

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Publication Date15th February 2020

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Fully illustrated description of Yeovil’s well known, and lesser known, places that have been lost over the years.
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The history of the Somerset town of Yeovil goes back to the Middle Ages. Long a centre for the leather industry, in the nineteenth century it became closely associated with the glove-making industry based in the town. From the twentieth century Yeovil has been one of the homes of Britain’s aircraft and defence industries, particularly Westland Aircraft. It was heavily targeted by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War and much of the town was rebuilt in the post-war decades. Although the aircraft and defence industries still have a strong presence in Yeovil, the town and its folk have seen many changes in lifestyle and the fabric of the town in recent decades.

Lost Yeovil presents a portrait of a town and a way of life that has radically changed or disappeared today, showing not just the industries and buildings that have gone, people and street scenes, but also many popular places of entertainment and much more. This fascinating photographic history of lost Yeovil will appeal to all those who live in the town or know it well, as well as those who remember it from previous decades.

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