An Illustrated Introduction to The Tudors

An Illustrated Introduction to The Tudors

The Medieval Housewife

The Medieval Housewife

Lost Edinburgh in Colour

Publication Date15th October 2014

Book FormatPaperback





A wonderful collection of rare and previously unpublished images of Edinburgh a century ago, presented in full colour.
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This fascinating compilation of early Edinburgh photographs takes us on a tour of Scotland’s historic capital city, but rather than picturing the historic scenes dating back to the 1850s in the traditional sepia and black and white monochrome, new realism is given here by reproducing the images in full colour.

We can therefore explore not only some of Edinburgh’s famous landmarks, such as the tourist hub of the Royal Mile, but also less frequently pictured aspects of the city, including its street characters, local markets, shops and theatres. A city blended into the countryside, with Castle Rock at its epicentre, the marriage between nature’s sculpture and man’s architecture in Edinburgh is captured beautifully in this unique collection.

Principally sourced from ancient albums and private collections, Lost Edinburgh in Colour unites a wealth of rare and unpublished images to reveal that the Edinburgh of a century and more ago was as colourful and vibrant a city as it is in the present day.

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