London's Low-floor Buses

Publication Date15th November 2020

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With 180 wonderful photographs, this is a stunning photographic tribute to London's low-floor buses.
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The low-floor bus was first introduced to the streets of London in 1994 with a fleet of sixty single-decks entering services with London Buses Limited, passing quickly to the new privatised operators. These vehicles were not that popular, and no further examples arrived into London until 1996 in the form of the Dennis Dart SLF. It was almost another two years before the first low-floor double-deckers entered service in the capital. The early 2000s saw low-floor buses flood the capital, mainly of the DAF and Dennis variety, with a smaller number of Volvos entering service. The second generation of low-floor vehicles were introduced to the capital in 2006 in the form of the Enviro range produced by Alexander Dennis Limited. The Enviro 200 and 400 models were taken into stock by many London operators, but some chose other models.

With 180 wonderful photographs, David Beddall has produced a fascinating tribute to this part of London’s bus history.
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