London's Crypts and Catacombs

Publication Date15th November 2018

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Takes the reader through the morbid and fascinating world of centuries of London’s past inhabitants.
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Have you ever wondered what lies beneath your feet when you walk into an ancient church or through a graveyard? The mystery of what lies beneath. Did you know that some of London’s most famous cemeteries have catacombs? This book explores some of the most intriguing vaults, crypts and catacombs of London and where you can still find some of them. Some are even open to public view.

Crypts were often built by rich and powerful families to lay to rest their family remains. Many of London’s church crypts have been converted into cafés and restaurants to meet London’s twentieth- and twenty-first-century needs, but others still retain their occupants.

Authors Dr Robert Bard and Adrian Miles, an expert in the field of post-medieval burials and funerary archaeology, take the reader on an intriguing journey of discovery through London’s vaults, crypts and catacombs. London’s Crypts & Catacombs contains many unique photographs and is a haunting insight into the process and burial of our ancestors.
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